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IoTrust Co., Ltd Company & Recruit

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Where is your next? Our Next is on Web3 We want everyone to enjoy blockchain services to their heart's content, Make your tomorrow filled with heart pounding excitement at IoTrust!

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IoTrust is the creator of D’CENT, Korea's No.1 cryptocurrency wallet!

Our goal is to ensure everyone can conveniently and safely enjoy blockchain services. IoTrust is awarded with the title of a baby unicorn in June 2022 and we are preparing to take the next big leap into a true Unicorn.

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✨IoTrust is Established in 2017 with the goal of enabling everyone to conveniently manage their digital assets and safely enjoy blockchain services. We launched the world's first biometric authentication cold wallet D‘CENT in 2018. By launching card wallets and mobile app wallets in succession, various Dapp services such as DeFi, NFTs, Games, and Metaverse became readily accessible directly within the wallet. Thanks to the investment of the best VC in Korea, we have grown explosively to a blockchain wallet service that is currently used by more than 200,000 people in 220 countries. As a leader in digital asset management and connector to the blockchain service in the upcoming Web3 era, we are prepared to make a great history with a sense of responsibility.

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🚀 We grow every day

# Global 220 countries 🌐

D’CENT is used in 220 countries with 200,000 MAU. We operate our global customer holdings more safely than anyone else.

# 9 billion won accumulatedinvestment 📈

Attracted a cumulative 9 billion won in investment from the nation's top venture capitals. Korea Investment Partners, Korea Development Bank Capital and KB Investment.

# 95 affiliate partner 🤝

We are leading the crypto market based on solid partnerships with major blockchain companies such as 1inch, Polygon, Avalanche and many more.

#5.3 million total number ofsubscribers 💌

With 262 affiliated YouTubers (164 overseas and 102 domestic), our news is delivered simultaneously to 5.3 million subscribers around the world.

#Contents network ✏️

We are expanding our presence as a responsible educator in the industry by providing high-quality education contents through D’CENT Academy, Blockchain Deep-dive Study(Bl.Pa.Ss)and various marketing channels

#10X growth 🔟

Recognized with excellent grade of TI-3 by Korean company data achieved sales growth of more than 10 times since commercialization.

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🎯Business Area

Digital Asset Protection

Financial Service

Authenication Solution

Web3 Wallet Provider

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Unicorn that represents Korea 🦄 In June 2022, D’CENT was recognized as the company with the nation’s best security technology and was selected as a ‘Baby Unicorn' for its innovative business model and growth potential. IoTrust, was selected as a Baby Unicorn by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups with a competition ratio of 4.7 to 1 among 248 small and medium-sized enterprises. We are now preparing to take the next leap to become a true Unicorn that represents Korea.


Incredibly convenient and secure, this is how D’CENT is made!

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D’CENT contents 🎓

D’CENT Official website Discover almost everything about the D’CENT here, including how to use the three types of D’CENT wallets and supported coins!

D’CENT Academy From basic knowledge of blockchain to functions and roles of cryptocurrency wallets. Become a blockchain expert with the D'CENT Academy!

D’CENT MediumGet the latest news first about D’CENT. Subscribe to D’CENT Medium and never miss an update!

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IoTrust Delivering Trusted Connectivity