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IoTrust Culture & Values


We share all information in order to be wary of the inconvenience caused by the information gap and respect individual autonomy. Anyone can participate in work-related communication with collaboration tools such as Notion and Slack.


We aim for a horizontal culture. We use first names and the title of ‘mr/ms' so that communication with anyone is comfortable without a sense of hierarchy

【Outstanding Achievement】🏆

It does not stop at a moderately satisfactory level. In order to improve the level of service perfection, we work hard and act agilely. This is the secret to our rapid growth.


We encourage active work rather than waiting for someone else's instructions. Define what you can do on your own, and everyone equally plays the role of a leader and a follower.

【Enjoy your work】🎶

We readily accept new challenges in the ever-changing blockchain ecosystem. The joy of leading a difficult challenge to success is the solid foundation of our service.

【Honesty & Respect】🙆

We can make a difference for the better when we learn and rely on each other through working together. We respect differences but work honestly without compromise.

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Here is what our team has to Say

【CSO】 Minho🚀 "Our wallet will be a super app, a platform that provides access to various services based on digital assets."

【Service Develop Lead】 Kyungeun📱 "You can use multiple services and numerous digital assets in one wallet. This is a huge advantage."

【Blockchain Develop Lead】 Hyungseo⛑️ "D’CENT's biggest goal is to make it safer and more convenient for users to use their wallets."

【Backend Developer】 Sangyoon⏰ "I am working from 11 to 8 and I like being able to voluntarily adjust my work schedule to suit me."

【CBO】 WanKyu💎 "Our goal for D’CENT is to make all blockchain-based services directly accessible from the wallet."

【Brand Marketer】 Yoonju🌟 "We are doing our best to strengthen the D’CENT brand identity so that users will be interested."

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Life at IoTrust

【Onboarding】 🛳️ #Welcome_IoTrust #buddy

【Townhall】 👪 #Share_Company_Vision #Community

【Tech-share】 📔 #Filling in Together #Tech_edu_seminar

【Group study】 🪧 #book #growth hacking #wine #UX research

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IoTrust provides generous support to team members

01 Be immersed 🕗 Autonomous time difference between 08 and 11 o'clock 🏝 Annual leave/half leave/quarter leave (unit of 2 hours) 🎲 Onboarding training operation 😎 Buddy program during the trainee period 📴 Work focus space (standing desk) ☕ Snack bar (coffee/drink/serial/ramen, etc.) 💻 Latest work equipments (laptop/macbook/dual monitor, etc.)

02 Outstanding growth 💿 Software support 📚 Library operation (unlimited books) 🎯 Small group operation (reading/gross hacking, etc.) 📝 Study operation (tech share/meet-up, etc.) 💡 Support for participation in education (e.g. conference/forum/seminar/conference) 📬 Regular subscription support (industry/academic/technology/content, etc.)

03 Balanced restful life 🎊 Congratulatory vacation 💉 Vaccine vacation 🩸 Menstrual vacation 🩺 Health checkup vacation (2 hours) 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Family care vacation 🚼 Maternity vacation (childbirth/fertility treatment/fetal examination, etc.) 👼Parental vacation with reduced working hours (pregnancy/childcare)

04 Welfares 🍱Support for lunch box (50%) 🌇 Support for dinner (overtime) (100%) 💸 Outstanding employee reward 🛋️ Lounge rest area 🧧 Concessionary expenses and wreaths 🎁 Holiday gifts 🎙️Town hall meeting 🎆 Workshop

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